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Why is everyone always asking you to remember things? Little notifications popping up from apps like Time Hop, Facebook..."Remember what happened two years ago?"

Here's a little reminder of what your life used to look like, good or bad, you can't avoid it. It's like a digital memento, haunting you until you're forced to click in deeper, or click away entirely. Social media provides us with a lot of conveniences and inspirations. It gives us a chance to become miniature celebrities in our own lives...but it can also cripple us.
For someone who is trying to create a new start, these little reminders of the past can be harrowing. Time often stretches back in my memory like rubber band, the farther back it goes, the closer it is to snapping.
I've been doing this thing where I constantly look forward. And not in the way of like "I'm building for the future, no. It's a constant look forward because there's nothing left to do. Because I have to. For to look into the past would be too hard to deal with, too ridiculous to cope with.
When you've made questionable decisions in the past, you can often feel like you're running from something. From the pictures of you and your old friends who don't call anymore. From the carefree days of high school romance. From ex-boyfriends. From the person you used to be. From the failures and the victories. They're all irrelevant, they're all just stories.
It seems that all social media conglomerates have this "nostalgia" component to them, like for some reason they're asking you to look back.
Sometimes it's nice, you're sitting there, alone, in your adult life, and suddenly a little red 1 pops up on your iPhone, it's TimeHop trying to remind you of a time when you had a lot of close friends, when car payments and rent were just something that came out of a college refund check. When Friday nights consisted of trips to the gas station for cheap beer, video games, house parties with people you'd known for years.

You look back and you wonder..."Where did that person go?"

Is this micro-evolution I've been crawling towards just an ultimate form of isolation? Is looking back the answer or the question?
What is the damage of looking back? Well, it can lead to thoughts like these...wondering if you peaked in high school or college, whether you're doomed to live like every other lifeless, yuppie individual who somehow makes it out of the debauchery of college alive, if only to find a square existence, working from hour to hour on a computer.
It can also lead to an unparalleled thankfulness that you turned your life around, had an adventure, grew beyond your old self and evolved into something new, something more adult, something safe.
Whatever way you look at it, you've changed. And in the blink of an eye you'll change again.
#ThrowbackThursday is merely a concept, derived by people trying to get likes on their Instagram...but honestly...what's the point? Must we continue to dig up old memories to continue to be satisfied with ourselves? Basically, we're admitting that at some point..we were doing what we wanted, and we were right, but only back in time.
Maybe it's time to delete TimeHop from your phone, and focus on the new trail you're blazing.
Or maybe you need the ability to look back, you know, as a safety net...for all those lost dreams that hide in the past...there might be one worth resurrecting.
always forward, keep the past that you enjoyed in your memory and leave the crazy in the trash...hail to the better future
thanks for this. I've definitely be dealing with a lot and looking back at who I was is not helping. trying to forge a new path. keep moving forward
This is a really thoughtful and interesting piece @TessStevens! Thanks for sharing!
fyi Luvs this post