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a card that @kpopandkimchi requested.
Jeon Jung Kook from BTS would be my Edward.
Taecyeon from 2pm would be my Jacob.
My bella would be yoon ah ha
That would make one hot movie in my opinion. Thumbs up! I would own it!
only thing i'd change is I SHOULD BE BELLA if jungkook would be my edward hahahaha
@btsgotshinee leo is TOTALLY the edward character if i had to pick a kpop idol hahaha
I love jungkook! But am I the only one that thinks Leo would be a good vampire?
I just personally love all 3 of these people! @btsgotshinee i was tossing up leo and jung kook! I just like looking at jung kook alittle more
OMG this is so perfect, I've always that Jungkook resembled dark and Vampire like, Taecyeon reminds me of a wolf especially thanks to the "My House" mv, and Yoon Ah would be a much more natural normal girl than Bella is. I love these choices!
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