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@LizArnone challenged all of us to share our New Years resolutions! While it's not even Christmas yet, I admire her forward thinking. :) We all could use a little change in our lives, and the natural new start brought on by the New Year is always a good time.
So I sat down and thought a little bit: What will I promise to change in my life this New Year?

Toughen up.

One of my biggest weaknesses? I'm definitely way too sensitive. I let criticism and other peoples' opinions of me dictate how I feel. It can ruin my day sometimes. And that's something I want to change.
In 2016, I will take things in stride. I won't let others' opinions change how I feel about myself. I will take criticism like a boss, and use it to become a better, stronger person. :)

Think more about others than about myself.

When you're 23 (almost 24, woo!), it's easy to be selfish. I'm unmarried, free to do what I want, when I want, and it's easy to forget about the other people in my life. But I have so many friends who could use a little support from me now and then. People who are having a harder time than I am.
In 2016, I will reach out to my friends more often. I will do more things for others, instead of just for myself. I'll help out my parents more, and stay in better touch with my little sisters. Just being there for people can make a world of difference.

Cook more.

One of my biggest hobbies in life is cooking. I LOVE to cook (mostly because I love to eat). But it's the first thing that goes when I get busy – I tell myself I should be concentrating on work, or getting more sleep, or just giving myself more time to be lazy. But it's sad, because it's something I love to do, and something that makes me happy while keeping me healthy.
In 2016, I will cook more. I'll make weekly meal plans, go grocery shopping, and cook on the weekends so I have leftovers throughout the week on days I'm too busy to cook. And that's how I'll save a TON of money, and eat way healthier – two things definitely worth making an effort for. :)
@ButterflyBlu @InPlainSight @Arellano1052 @alywoah @danidee @TerrecaRiley – what are your New Years resolutions, friends? :)
Thanks Stacey! :) @ButterflyBlu I'm excited to see yours!! @danidee Omg that's so flattering!! I resemble the famous @danidee?!? :DDD I'm looking forward to it dude!!
OMG ARE YOU ME?? I feel like so much of this resonated with my own life. I can't wait to do mine! I'll have it up in a couple hours. :D
Aww, these are great, Ally! *thinking cap on*
I love this !!! I agree with @alywoah the cooking thing is also amazing when trying to stay healthy
Thanks love. <3
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