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I honestly hope Saitama x Tatsumaki doesn't become a thing in the manga/anime because i don't really like her and i would be very sad/upset the only reason i think it might happen is because they are the only two who give off similar facial expressions at times .-.
your thoughts?馃
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haha where are you reading the manga at ? online or a book ?
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@TristanBlackmon an free app its called Manga Zone its really good i also use A+ Manga they're both amazing
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awesome. I use another free manga app called zing box it's really great too
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ZING BOX!!!! 馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摬馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摬馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摬馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摬 馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摬馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摬馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摬馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摬 ZIIIIING BOOOOX! 馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摬馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摬馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摬馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摬馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摬馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摬馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摫馃摬
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