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I mean... just look at it.

I feel like this is one of those questions where your gut tells you right away: either "I WANT THAT INSIDE ME," or "...nah, I'm good."
In my case... I was mighty hungry while I was looking up these images.
I mean, you think the donut burger is going to look amazing. Like some fresh, hot holy grail of American consumerist garbage food. Juicy patties, crisp bacon, fresh donuts with impeccable glaze... *mouth waters furiously as I type*

But in reality, the thing would probably look something along the lines of...



Or this.

Meh. I'm underwhelmed.
But done right (and by that I mean sandwiched between the two halves of a cinnamon and sugar dusted cronut – YES, THERE IS A CRONUT BURGER) – could anything about this possibly be wrong?
Well, there's the tiny matter (really, such a tiny thing, I probably shouldn't even mention it...) of each burger packing in anywhere from 800 to 1,500 calories (!!!!!).
So, whaddya think?

Would you try the infamous donut burger?

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2 years ago·Reply
Nom nom nom nom nom nom.
2 years ago·Reply
This looks delicious! I really want to eat one
2 years ago·Reply
no Thank you
2 years ago·Reply
too sweet for me. actually I don't like beef/chicken burger. but I love fillet o fish burger.
2 years ago·Reply