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Oh, you're wondering where that nice boy I brought to Thanksgiving went? You know, I've been wondering that too. But hey, isn't this chicken great? At least his general illiteracy, presumably bird-sized brain, and lack of fingers make it physically impossible for him to return my texts. What's your excuse, Jason? Huh? HUH?!
(In other news, I feel like @AlloBaber and I would totally drink with this girl.)
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@danidee hahaha! ME TOO! <3 so yummy!
@InPlainSight I like how you didn't forget about the chicken poisoning. The Great Chicken Poisoning of 2015 will go down in history.
@danidee It's on the highlights reel in the 'when poultry attacks' section
@InPlainSight I bet it is. That was like a K.O. moment for my stomach lining.