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Lets start the story, hope you all enjoy it. I enjoy doing this. Maybe ill do more. So ill do my story. You can fill in with your characters. Have fun Bobby: my brother SeungRi : my brother's best friend
"Boys!!! Can you lower your voices, before i will" I snapped. "Aaisshhh..." SeungRi rolled his eyes. "Did you just rolled yo..." "No no no" SeungRi quickly panicked and hid behind Bobby. "Yo, your sister is scary! How can you handle her?" "She just a little gi.." Bobby froze as i snapped a glare on him "Never mind" Bobby quickly walked away to get his lunch. "Yo man! Hold up" SeungRi runs. SIGH! Finally, a moment of silence. 20 minutes later...... "Sister Sister!!!!" Bobby panicked. "What?" Thinking something might happened. "You think she is cute?" SeungRi said, which took me by surprise. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! Bobby laughs. I laughed. Regardless i hate thier games but his laughter always gets me.
"Jerk!" Smacking SeungRi with my homework paper. We all laughing now. "Typical you guys." SMH. " why wont you guys find something useful to do?" "I am already" SeungRi said. HUH!? "Like what?" I asked.
"The eyes talk than your hands." SeungRi said as Bobby laughs. I quit! These boys are the death of me! A couple minutes after... "Its mine" Bobby yelled. "No way! I saw it first!" SeungRi yelled back. Seriously!? All i see is two angry dogs barking. SIGH!..... "Hey.... Is that a new girl" I pointed. They quickly turned thier heads. So, i quickly grabbed the last meat. "HEYYYY!!!!!" They both yell. "Never play with your food boys." I giggled. I got 10 minutes for class. I lean back on my chair and watch the boys studying and listening to music through thier headphones. Little punks. As i was packing my books to go to my class. Something bright went past by my eyes. Caught my attention. I lift my head up ... And thats when He appeared.

Who is he?.....

To be continue

If you havent got to part 1 ... Link is below

Hope you guys enjoy this.... Prepare for more ✊