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For me it was the Dragon ball series it showed me the value of friendship(when I was a very cold hearted person) , to never be sad even over death, and showing mercy simply seeing how goku let freza go even after all the things he did and how even the strongest can be the most kindest
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Your lie in April made me realize how much of a soft person I really was and now I really like that side of me
For me it was naruto and one piece, they both taught me the value of having true friends, that it's okay to stand alone with your beliefs as long as you believe them whole heartedly, and that you are always capable of making other people's lives better on your path to achieving your own dream
Anime has definitely changed my life it honestly has stopped me from almost killing myself I was going through very darks parts in my life and it has made me feel like I can be myself and not give a shit about what people think about me cause it's the way I am and that's why I'm a big anime freak and I don't tell anyone that cause people will think I'm mental or something so I mean
no sometimes it makes me depressed
For me it was and still is one piece and fairy tale they remind me to never give up and tomorrow is just another adventure