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I have seen so much people post so many cards on bad things in their life and I am that type of person that just gets into other people's emotions!! So I'm just making this card for anyone that needs encoragment!!!!

It Won't Last Forever!!

Whatever you're going through that is hurting you(either physically or emotionally) it won't last!! Just know that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel!!

Sometimes You Just Have To Be The Bigger Person!!

We all hate to hear this but we know its true!! Whether its bullies, family issues, or even your friends sometimes you just have to ignore the external things affecting you and just focus on the internal!! There are going to be times when you will have to just walk away...they'll make fun of you but at least you're making the attempt to move forward which is all that matters!!

Just Let Go !!!

Now this may be different to every person but we all have that one thing that is holding us down. It keeps you up at night, you stress over it all the time, you may even cry about at some times...You wish it would just disappear and sometimes it does but it always seem to come back into your life!! All you have to do is let go....let go of all the stresses that is holding you down....easier said than done....but the thing people have to realize is that its not just going to disappear on its own , you have to want to move on .....Once you do that you'll find yourself feeling more free than you have ever had in your entire life!!!
I don't know what situation you might be advice may not even be for you but i just want everybody to be happy because I love when you guys are happy. I hope I help someone :) If you want to talk I'm always here :)

Here are some songs that you can listen to if you are feeling down:)

I Love You Guys And I Since I Don't Want To End This Card Like This....Just Look At The Gifs And Try To Smile!!! :)

<3 I really needed this. Thank you.
thank you for making this card. this card made my day
@ndngurl123 You are so welcome....I am so sorry for your loss and I'm glad I could help!! <3
Thank you! omg without even talking about my problems it's like you knew! I haven't been able to be active or commenting on anything or making cards! I've had a couple of deaths in my family and I've been really down. So thank you so much! I look forward to everything you post! ♡♡♡♡
@Vixxstarlight1 Thank You!!! :) @PassTheSuga took all my phone battery but its totally worth it!! :)
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