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So EXO came back with "Sing For You" which I am growing to love!! At first I wasn't feeling it but then it grew on me the more i listen to it. Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Chen, D.O, Suho, and Lay all kill the vocals.....It was kind of confusing when I saw Sehun with a whale and then I started crying because I saw Chanyeol and Suho fighting which I didn't enjoy watching at all but overall it was a great song!!

This is the song live on the V app for their comeback stage!! All of their voices sounds beautiful when they sing this song!!!

What Are Your Feelings On This Song??How Do You Feel About EXO Comeback??

Let Me Know In The Comments!!!
@monikad I love when EXO goes slow and soft....its a part of EXO that I love seeing !! Their ballads are the best
@johnEvans this was a first time I listened to this song thanks I love it πŸ’— I love all of EXO ballads!
They're AMAZING πŸ’•πŸ’• But is it only me, or did Lay not get a line at all?