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Day 6: anime I want to see but haven't yet
Miraculous Ladybug! I know they just finished making a american version of if in cartoon, but I don't wanna wait, I want to watch the anime of it but idk where to look and to find the right subs
ME TOO lol i watched the reanimated cartoons first episode on last Sunday and i want to watch the anime but don't know where
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it seems like such a great anime!!
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I've only seen the American version so far!!
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There isn't an anime version. The original PV was for a 2D anime version, but they scrapped the idea to do the 3D version instead. That's the only version there is. They changed the original Felix to the Adrien we know now because Thomas Austric (the creator) didn't think Felix was an interesting enough character, and they changed it from 2D to 3D. If the series gains enough popularity and continues through enough seasons they may do a 2D animated adaption, possibly with the idea of Chat being cursed and forced to be Chat Noir by Plagg, and needing a kiss from Ladybug to break the curse, but as of now, the 3D version is all that exists.
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@authoress97 damn that's a lot of info >_<
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