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ok ok ok so for this challenge, it was really hard to choose. I was going to choose UKISS Quit Playing but then @glo86 chose it xD Then I was going to choose UKISS She's Mine but then I figured it wasn't the sexiest of UKISS videos...then I was going to choose Taemin ACE but...I feel like I choose Taemin for a lot of things since he is my ultimate bias. To me, that is a sexy music video in a classy-ish sleek kind of way. But I remembered XIA Tarantebcudcbudnsoc whose name I can't remember to spell but I figured XIA needs some appreciation. He is my JYJ bias and I feel like he hasn't gotten enough attention from me.
So why do I find this to be one of the sexiest kpop mv...well...I suck at explaining things but, obviously there are a lot of sexy movements in this video and sexy scenes. you have the dance first off, xia's outfits, that woman doing sexy movememts on those other dancers, then the lady dancers with the strings tied around xia, the ladies touching xia as he is lying down staring into the video, and that camera scene, where the ladies all have cameras pointed to xia, and finally the end with the ladies pressing themselves super close on xia. what more is there to explain xD I don't think it is equal to UKISS quit playing but it is up there. but if you haven't watched the video, please try it out.xia is amazing tag glo86 with your sexiest video!
@KeolaLovesKpop you should make a post and tag glo86 in it cos its her challenge I forgot to mention that xD
Sexiest K-Pop video, for me, would probably be STELLAR's Marionette or 9MUSES' Wild 😍 But there are so many 😅