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Hello Amigos happy Thorsday! Since I'm a history geek I thought I would highlight the history of Mjölnir. Then let's talk about what would be your weapon of choice. Honestly, in my dreams I'm a master of the bow and arrow and the sword. However, I took some quizzes that I have shared with you all to see what weapon would I use based upon these quizzes. Thor has the Mjölnir what would you have?
This basically is a snapshot about the Mjölnir. However, if you want to learn more I suggest you go to this link. It has more detail about Thor and the Mjölnir. Reading this was interesting for me. I have read about Viking gods before while in college. However, it was cool to re-learn some cool facts about Thor and his role in mythology and in the Viking culture.
Even wonder the Marvel story behind Thor's hammer and how can one be worthy? You might want to watch this.


If you had to pick a weapon what would it be? Here is a cool quiz that you can take to find out. Above are my results...

Comment your results below!

This quiz is what kind of weapon would you choose? The link is here. My results are above too.
The link to this quiz is here.

Hope you enjoyed!

@shannonl5 Yea I'm pretty good with a lot of weapons and trained with a vast number of them XP @LAVONYORK a scythe is so much fun but kinda difficult because of the balance of the blade
I think I was a ninja or samurai in a past life. Katana all the way.
Machine gun, scythe and relaxed and perspective. Lol seems legit for me 😂😊
I love this! Hahah I got the katana too.... they're actually really cool. They're pretty small and lightweight so you've got to be fast haha. And that's alllll I know about weapons @MichaelOgg probably knows way more, yeah?