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San Antonio Spurs coach Greg Popovich HATES the three point shot.
During an interview before the game with the Toronto Raptors, Pop spoke on the shot, saying "I'll never embrace it. I don't think it's basketball. I think it's kind of like a circus sort of thing. Why don't we have a 5-point shot? A 7-point shot? You know, where does it stop, that sort of thing."
"But that's just me, that's just old-school. To a certain degree, you better embrace it or you're going to lose. And every time we've won a championship, the 3-point shot was a big part of it. Because it is so powerful and you've gotta be able to do it. And nobody does it better than Golden State, and you know where they're at. So it's important. You can't ignore it." said Popovich.

Does Popovich have a point? Is the 3-point shot hurting the game of basketball?

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He has never liked it but he has stated that if you have shooters then use it to your advantage. He said that was really the reason they beat the Heat in the finals. They had shooters everywhere on that team.
He's really old fashioned. There were ideas being thrown about a 4pt line. I would call this shot from curry land.
@TravisBeck I mean if you have someone like Tim Duncan on your team, you def don't need to be focusing on 3-pointers!
@ChriSingularis Haha "Curry Land" sounds like a great name!
if you have to train to be good at it then I will say run it