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Lesean Mccoy isn't Chip Kelly's enemy, but he doesn't want to be his friend either.

Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy on Wednesday angrily dismissed the idea of coach Chip Kelly shaking his hand when he returns to Philly this Sunday.
Kelly traded McCoy to the Bills for linebacker Kiko Alonso in March, just months after McCoy became the Eagles' all-time leading rusher after his sixth NFL season McCoy hasn't spoken to Kelly since the trade and said he has never received an explanation.
"Listen, man, Chip can't shake s--- at all. Nothing. He knows this," McCoy told a large group of reporters at his locker. "That's why [he] said it. I know him. He's very intelligent. I can read between the lines. Like I said, I have nothing against him, no hatred. We're not enemies. I won't say anything wrong to him. But there's nothing for us to talk about, at all. Simple as that."

Do you think Lesean McCoy is right in taking this stance on the Chip Kelly issue? Should he shake Kelly's hand? Does Chip owe him an apology?

I would be f*cking pissed too! The one thing he could've done was to give him a fair explanation as to why he was traded in the first place.
I think McCoy has every right to be angry. Chip Kelly needs to man up and apologize or at least try to.