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this is a good one for me but my money is on ban just cause he is immortal so yeah
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He has a limit on how much he can absorb ? interesting. well he is immortal so Saitama couldn't kill him so ban would just have to keep draining his powers but I don't see that happening? this one's a tough one like superman vs goku
@TristanBlackmon It really is a toughie--which is why I was calling it a draw lol. Yeah, in the manga a few weeks ago we see that Ban does have a physical limit on how much power he can steal with his Physical Hunt. It won't kill him (nothing can) but it does leave him physically incapacitated for a while. Though Saitama is still (presumably) a mortal human, so maybe if Ban manages to grab Saitama's heart straight out of his body with Fox Hunt, then he's gonna die lol. I guess it comes down to Saitama being able to avoid the Fox Hunt until Physical Hunt leaves ban unable to fight.
So I guess ultimately, Ban has the better chance of winning, while the best Saitama can bring out is a draw if Ban's using Fox and Physical Hunt on him
ban would win thanks to his ability snatch he can steal saitama's physical ability such as speed and power and he can also regenerate do he ultimately has the win in his hand