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It was raining, and I was cold. There was not a body to be seen for miles. I was scared. Jungkook was supposed to meet me over an hour ago, and it was already dark and I was soaking wet. "Ah.. it's cold... Maybe Jungkook forgot about me, or maybe the gang just called him." I mumbled to myself. My phone died about 20 minutes ago, so I have no idea if he had texted me. I paced back in forth, crossing my arms, trying to keep myself warm. Cars passed by, splashing me with water. I'm freezing now, ugh... and there is no shelter anywhere. I'm soaked down to the bone. Maybe, he just totally abandoned me. No, that doesn't sound like something he would do. The rain had stopped momentarily, and I sighed. I was still soak, and I couldn't change that fact no matter what. But then I heard a voice... A fimilar voice..
So I'm going to post two endings to this story and one will be good, the other, bad GOOD ENDING BAD ENDING
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@QueenLee Sure!
Omg yas!! I love this! Good job!,!! 😁😁
@Bitterlimelight Thank you!
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