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Your GOT7 Boyfriend Is Mark! ♥ My boyfriend, my trainer - It was the last lesson of the day and you were sat in class. You watched the clock on the wall in front of you then suddenly the bell rang. Everyone rushed outside the door, you grabbed your books and bag and walked out last. You stood in the corridor and looked around, "boo!" you turned around to see Mark grinning at you. Mark had been your boyfriend for a couple of years now. He grabbed your hand and leaded you down the corridor. The school soon became empty and you were with Mark in the gym of your school. "Ready princess?" He asked you, you nodded and he put on some music in the background. Mark was teaching you how to do some flips that he can do. After an hour of him teaching you, you both collapsed on some training mats. He reached out and grabbed your hand. "You're getting better princess!" He said as he smiled and rolled over on his side to face you. He stroked your head and moved strands of hair off your face before kissing you on your cheek. :)
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Yep that one... Mark.. but I have something on the side with Jackson. .lol..
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Jackson & JB .........and Junior ....Youngjae too oops
2 years ago·Reply
well mine is well I was hoping to take mark, yongjae, and Jb, also junior. but ended up getting mark I'm still happy about it though
2 years ago·Reply
MARKSON!!!! And JB 😁
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