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This makes me love them both soo much ❤ both are extremely talented and have worked very hard to be where they are at !
When I read this the other day it made me soo happy! I love them both a lot and they have both accomplished so much for being so young and I love how humble both of them are
Preach 🙌 !!!! Thats what I admire most in any dol when they are truly genuinely humble Gd is always kind and even when haters would bash on him same goes to zico both are so kind and hard-working
That makes me very happy. 😊 Though I believe that Zico has the talent and capabilities to become an icon as well.
this is sooo great I completely love this nd love them both they r both incredible nd just another reason to note y we all shd never compare because everyone is unique in their own individual ways I love zico nd gd thanks for sharing this 💝💝😘👍👍
Man this is why I love Zico 💕💕I agree with him😌I don't get why people compare... Just let each artist show what they can create to form their own identity(art)~~no need for comparison ~~