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It gets exhausting to try and keep myself busy from thinking of you.. I don't even have to try most of the time. I'll be busy doing my class work and like a switch in my brain a memory of you and I arises and I'm left here scrambling to find a productive and positive way to get over this "not so big deal". But truth be told from my most current position is that I'm still madly in love with you.. But restrictively. With boundaries and limits. Reading "thousands" of articles that "simultaneously" arise on the subject of positivity. And I read and read and find nothing that has taught me something entirely mind altering. They're mostly about coping or nifty tricks that help you disengage from stressful events. It's all but a process it seems. Like learning to swim, offering helpful guidelines but only the action of delving into the situation entirely will help you truly further your knowledge. One day I'll achieve the mentality of truly not being so emotionally attached. Not that it's all bad but in some matters you can't be.. All the time. 12|10|15
Thank you @InPlainSight I appreciate it
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