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So this is my first card ever!! I just wanted to share my love for these two guys! I have been having a really crappy week and I like to go look at my pics and when I see their smiles it makes me feel better! So I wanted to share their smiles with you guys! hope you enjoy!
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Then you should post more stuff, hahah!!! We always love seeing new posts! Have fun~!馃挌馃挏馃挌馃挏 @Chrissy2009
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Welcome!! Post whenever and whatever or heart desires lol especially if your gonna post JB and namjoon I'll gladly enjoy their faces all day
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Awww JB and Rap Monnie :3 Hope your week gets a lot better and welcome to the family~~~~
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Welcome and congrats on your first post. See it wasn't hard at post more! You will get to know us little by little.
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congrats on your first card! it's a pretty one too! 馃槏
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