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I'm so behind on my drama watching!

I'm on Episode 6 now and HOLY CRAP I AM SO IN LOVE.

I think this series is focusing a lot more on the love triangle plot than Reply 1997 did, but I'm still into it :D

Who else is watching so we can squeal together without spoiling it for others?!

I haven't started it yet I've been swooning over Ji sub in oh my Venus lol and Henry but i definitely need to watch this
@Kamiamon I know what you mean I always fall for boys like him but he's the real sweet heart
@krin i literally just caught up (i fast forwarded a little ahhahaha) and OMG LAKSFJAJFALFJ;ASJFA;JFA
I'm only on episode 2 (had to watch 1997 and 1994 first). Question: why are a lot of things blurred out? It wasn't like that in 1997/1994.
@sosoaloraine23 @biancadanica98 I still love reply 1997 the best of the reply series but this is SO GOOD
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