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So for those who were not aware bang yongguk has a twin brother his name is bang yongnam...yep so double the hottness!!!
This is yongnam....yup im sure u all died after seeing this! @PassTheSuga
Yongguk Γ— Yongnam ❀❀
with the Big Sis ❀
All the Bang family ❀❀❀
more pics of natasha bang ❀
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@gijan0298 right lol I would be happy with either brother πŸ˜‚ and yeah shes best friend goals times a million and she could tattoo me all the time that would be living!! Cause mama need some more tattoos haha
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one of my friends went to seoul last summer and she got a tattoo done at natasha's shop in itaewon and yongguk was there.. she diiiiiiiiied of happiness lol @gijan0298
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they really good looking. so broken my English
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Why would the universe see fit to make such a perfect creature a twin?! Is it purposely trying to kill me?
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sexy just runs through that badass family
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