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Here is part 2 this time you will be choosing an animal to find out who is trying to steal your heart.
First pick an animal
Got it. Okay, again I'm trusting you to keep who you got If you picked the Panther you got Jungkook If you picked the Pig you got Daehyun If you picked the Beagle you got Baekhyun Now that you have your person I will continue with part two :
**One Month Later** “I'll miss you while I'm gone.” (A) said hugging you. He had to leave to go film for a new drama he is starring in. “I'll miss you to. Just think it is only for a couple of weeks.” You tried to keep positive. “Yeah but that is a few weeks too long.” He pouted. “Well you'll be on break when you get back and we can have all that time to do things.” He nodded his head and let go of you, picking up his bags. “I will call when I get a chance. When I get back we are going to that restaurant I wanted to take you to.” He waved all the way to the van up until they started pulling away from the curb. After cleaning up the house a bit you decide to go out for some coffee. When its your turn to pay you are searching in your bag for your credit card, but you can't find it. Struggling through all the stuff in your bag to find it, someone reaches behind you and hands the cashier their card. You look up and see a tall boy with a sweet face and shining eyes. “ Th-thank you.” You mumble, mesmerized by his eyes. “You're welcome! Now you have to join me.” He replied and handed you your coffee then got his. You both walk over to an empty table and sit down. “Hi I am (B) , what's your name?” “Y/N … Thanks again for paying for my coffee. I can't believe I left my card at home. I'll pay you back.” “It's okay you don't have to.” “Are you sure at least let me make it up to you” “Here how about this you hang out with me today and I will call it even.” (B ) smiles. You really shouldn't but you feel bad for letting him pay for your drink. It's not like you like this person so it is not cheating. Is it. “Okay.” You say. It's not cheating it is just meeting a new friend. Yes that's what it is, you tell yourself. Meeting a new friend, nothing more. “Great, then it's a date!” Oh no what did yourself into.
This part wasn't as long cause I just wanted to let you guys pick who the second person was. Again please let me know what you think and who you got. Tagging whoever liked or commented on the last card: @DeniseiaGardner @Myaisnotsexy @B1A4BTS5ever @kpopandkimchi @ARMYStarlight @CreeTheOtaku @jessicalnichols @glo86 @KellyOConnor @ArmyofKookie @Emealia @Exoexo @KokoroNoTakara @Jiyongixoxo @MadAndrea @4daliente @Rhia @Taetaebaozi @btsgotshinee @VeronicaArtino @ZoomZoomZimin @MaricelvaRomero @NancyVongvilay @LenaBlackRose @Kyokeo @DreamPheonix @SuperJuniorelf