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just... you know some memes... but the Baekhyun family got me all kinds of messed up XD I love all these dorks
just.. a few more... O.O
So true on most accounts. *nervous laughter*
i have no life but kpop X3
@VictoriaBossier me too haha Bts at first for some reason was soo hard to learn there names(except rap mon I knew about him before) but now I can pick their voices out same with BigBang Exo , and 2pm now lol im not there yet with seventeen though one day haha
I can get their voices and the littlest features right off the bat XD When I'm listening to BTS I know who is singing at that moment and it goes the same with other groups. @Jiyongixoxo
I couldn't stop laughing at the hyun family and the one is soo true I can't remember some peoples names and faces to save my life yet I remember all 12 Exo members full names stage names and I could spot GD's hands from ten miles aways😂
I was looking through pinterest saw it and nearly screamed. Ah Siwon oppa is a riot X3 @CurrySoop
@sarabear1021 i nearly cried with laughter becaus of Siwon mainly tho XD
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