A/n Warning horrible written  smut and some cursing so if ya cant handle it skip. *Few days passed* *Sunday night* *hospital* Sarang Pov For most of the week me and my host family been hanging out with Amber at the hospital.  She's been getting better but the doctors think she should stay a bit longer and heal a little longer. " Aw, that means you won't be at school with me~~ " I said to a eating Amber. "You'll be okay Jagi~~ I mean if you want me to beat somebody up I will , bad body and all!" she said spitting some food. " No, all you need to do is make sure you heal up pabo" I said hitting her head. " Ow! How can heal if you keep hitting me huh?" she chuckled. "Whatever oppa, I'll be fine but I'm a little scared to be honest " I said . " Aw jagi I will be there next week so you can stomach through this week , okay?" she petted my hair . * knock knock * "come in!" Amber said mouth still full with food. " Annyeonhaseyo" I heard a familiar voice walk through the door. It was Haru's eacher. What was his name?...... Ho... Ho.... Hoseok? Oh yeah Jung Hoseok!!! " Oh hey what are guys doing here? " I asked as I saw the kids rushing to give me a hug. " Appa was at work so we asked Jung Seongsangnim to take us here since we knew you would be here loveadubbing with Amber Hyung." Taemin jumped happily. " me and amber is not lovadubbing whatever that means. What about your Umma? " I asked the children and Haru's frowned. " She's been gone all week and you know that . She only came once and that was just to boss you around to do things for her since her weak manager couldn't handle her." She crossed her arms. Jung Seongsangnim looked with awe . " Haru ..... " I said and her face soften and ran to give me a hug.  I hugged her back. She really dislikes Hara-ssi.... I mean I understand her reasoning but still it's her Umma. Maybe she's just working hard for them? They just don't see it yet. " T-thank you for bringing them Jung Seongsangnim. " I smiled at him shyly . "N-no problem Haru's unnie. " he said about to leave but stopped. " Um, can I talk to you for a second outside?" he asked. I looked to Amber , " look after the kids for me?" and she nodded. I follow the Seongsangnim outside of the room to the coffee room and sat on the couches. I looked at him and waited for him to talk. " I have some good news. " he said smiling. " W-what is it?" I said noticing I was stuttering again. " Well , since you bought Haru a journal and sketchbook her teachers couldn't find anything else to complain about to the Dean. Also, to be exact she scored 1st place in test this quarter . Actually higher than before. " He said excitedly. " W-wow that's great! Wait... H-how did you know I bought the-" " Haru told me." I shook my head with an oh."She actually talks about you a lot. This is the most out of the years I taught Haru that's she's genuinely happy. " he said . " That's good to know that's she's happy. I only known them for a week and they mean a lot to me." I said looking forward at nothing in particular. In all honesty,  what I said was true. Though I just met these people they really mean a lot to me. They make me feel happy and comfortable.  After awhile my bad thoughts slowly disappeared. " How was it for you Seongsangnim?  Do you get that complete  feeling teaching kids? That great feeling someone's looking at you for support and as a model? Being important to them? " I asked mindlessly noticing my stuttering slowly leaving. " At first I thought that my job wasn't  important .I just thought I was just the person they loath to see every morning because I know I did when I was their age.. I was in it just for a well paying job but after a year or so I notice that those thoughts were wrong. When I met Haru and Taemin they changed my career around. They went through a lot and I realized that they depend on me to notice ..... They depend on me to understand what most don't. Im not only their teacher but im also the big factor in their lives. It's a great feeling to know everyday a student talk to me whole heartedly it makes my job meaningful you know? " he said looking off in the distance.  " I feel that when I'm with them too. It just feel nice to know that they can come to me when they need me. Maybe because I never had that before when I was Taemin's age. My umma is amazing but sometimes I can't come to her because she would probably just send me back to that damn office because she's scared she will say the wrong thing but hey can I blame her?" I blurted but I felt like I needed someone to know. " Office?" he asked looking at me. I sat there .... Not saying anything... Afraid of what might come next if I do.. " You can tell me. I can be the person you come to. I maybe wasn't there when you was younger but it's a start . The kids don't call me hope Seongsangnim for nuttin'" he said cutely and I smiled. " See see" he pointed " I'm your HOPe" he said in English dancing around in the couch . Making us both laugh at his silliness. " How old are you?" I said laughing. " 23 but 6 mentally" he said laughing. " Okay okay " I said trying to catch my breath, " Fine, you can be hope "I smiled and he smiled back. "So what is this office and why would your umma send you to it?" he said settling down back into the couch. Hoseok Pov Haru told me a lot about her unnie . Everyday this week she would hangout with me during lunch and tell me stories bout how much she loves her. She even said she wish Sarang was her umma or her real unnie. From what I heard she was amazing person inside and out.  From what I see Haru was right; she is really pretty. " Well... I have social phobia and suffer from on and off depression...... I had it since I was young. I was scared of being around people my age or older. Gladly, my umma adopted me and got me help with my problem. ...." she smiled bitterly. " Really? I didn't notice it! You seem okay talking to me but you do stutter a bit. " I said surprised. But then again that does explains why she was shaking when we first met. " Yeah..... I'm better now. I just shake a little and stutter but I can function like a normal person now. " she said. I looked at the younger with curiosity and something I can't pinpoint but my heart ached for her. " So you was a orphan? " I asked and she nodded . " W-what happened for you to become social phobic?" I asked . She just sat and looked forward without saying a word. I looked at her and saw a stray tear fall.... My heart pulled and I grabbed her into the hug. " You don't have to tell me that if you don't want to." I told her patting her hair . She tensed up a bit and I quickly let go noticing she was uncomfortable. " I-I'm sorry if I made you-" she cut me off wrapping her arms around my torso crying into my shirt. " T-thank you... I needed this . " she said gripping onto my shirt and I held her tightly. We sat like that for a couple of minutes. " I-I'm sorry I kinda wet your shirt a little. " she chuckled while letting me go. " It's fine~~ remember I'm your hope okay ? "  I said patting her head she smiled. I looked at the time and noticed it was getting late and I had some work to do but i didn't want to leave. " I have to go now Sarang but you can call or visit me if you want to talk. " I told her. " okay , I'll do that Seongsangnim. " she smiled. " Aigoo, we should be close now ~~ don't call me Seongsangnim. Oppa sounds better " " Alright ..... Hope Oppa?" she said giving me her phone and I smiled at the new nickname. I left the hospital thinking about her. My heart ached for her but it wasn't pity . I felt like she went through a lot and hoped I could help her. Maybe I ...... No we just met plus she's too young . I shook my head driving home to finish some work. * Bighit office* * dance studio* Yongguk Pov I sat at the front of the dance room looking at one of the groups im currently responsible for their music. Their dance teacher wanted to see my thoughts on the choreo for the song itself. I sat and observed and gave a few pointers about what fit best. Another tiring day and overtime. I asked Haru's homeroom Seongsangnim to take them home . I sighed and spaced out .  The last couple of days was probably the most funnest I had in awhile with the family but what has been eating at me is Hara. .... She hasn't been home all week at all. Usually she atleast drop by everyday but this time I haven't heard a word from her. Everytime she get drunk she disappears but not for this long..... Im still pissed at her though.  This time I wont let her pass and act like she didn't do a thing. *door to the studio open* " Annyeonghasaeyo Bang hyung's wife!" the music stopped and I was knocked out of my day dream. " Yeobo Yeobo!!" Hara ran to me and kissed me. I sat in awe and looked at her confused. " Hara what are you doing here?" I questioned and she pouted. " What's wrong with meeting my husband?" she said innocently. " Why are you acting so...." like nothing happened " What do you mean Gukkie? " She tilted her head. I scuffed and grabbed her hand to walk out the studio saying our goodbyes . I walked her to my studio down the hall. " Hara...... Where have you been?" I sternly asked and she pouted . " Gukkie is that the way you talk to your wife after being gone for so long? No hug or i miss yous? " " Not after you blatantly cursed at our family, my parents, say you don't care about the kids and slap Haru. Oh and did I forget that you accused me of cheating on you with Sarang. " I said looking at the devil itself in the eye. " When would I ever do that Gukkie? " she said walking closer. " Oh don't try to -Ahh~~ Hara s-stop" I moan surprised at her hand landing in my pants massaging me. " Gukkie~~ it's been awhile~" Voice dripped with lust ran through my ears as she circle her thumb around my tip. " Shit... Hara .... Sto.... Fuck it!" I said taking her hand out my pants and threw her to the wall kissing all over her neck leaving marks. " Ah.... I miss this Gukkie. " she said sensually . I pulled up her black mini bodycon dress noticing she wasn't wearing underwear. " Dirty little girl~~ you was waiting for me huh? " I whispered in her ear and she moaned. Knowing she loves hearing my deep voice in her ear I continued whispering dirty but sweet nothings as I pulled down my pants. " G-gukkie take me now. "
" No problem princess. " I said plunging into her owning a screech of pain and pleasure. I continued at a steady pace as her legs wrapped around my waist. " m-more um Ahh Gukkie more please faster. " she moaned. I quicken my thrust and she became a moaning mess. Moans filled the lust filled room. I let it go again..... She got me again.... I need to leave but I can't . ~~~~~~>> A/n: omg excuse my horrible smutty Mac smut writing at the end. I wonder why Yongguk can't let go? Maybe Hara is that dangerous or is his love for her is just too deep and poisoness? Let's fund out shall we.