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I cannot believe it! This comes directly from Higuchi herself! Looks like we'll be able to see a time skip? I think she'll use the next 2 chapters to explain how Natsume was saved. This year's ninth issue of Hakusensha's Hana to Yume manga magazine confirmed that Tachibana Higuchi's Gakuen Alice manga will end in three more chapters. The series first premiered in the magazine over a decade ago. Higuchi announced on Twitter in September that she was working on the layout for the first part of the final chapter in her magical school comedy manga. Hakusensha released the 29th volume of the series (pictured at right) in Japan last month. Tokyopop published 16 volumes of the manga before the company shut down in 2011. Gakuen Alice inspired a 26-episode television anime series in 2004-2005. Right Stuf released the series on DVD in North America. The manga and anime revolve around a seemingly ordinary girl named Mikan who decides to enroll in a magical school to follow her best friend. Mikan strives to prove herself worthy of being in the school. Source: Comic Natalie
I hope that natsume will be reunited with mikan sooner
And that wasn't a rhetorical question!
I don't want it to end so soon. Why can't it go on forever? :(
:'C best series ever!!!!!! :(( I am sad good things end....:C I saw it coming though...:( I hope it is the best ending to a series ever!!!! XD Can't wait!!!!!! to see how things will turn out!!! C:
every good thing must come to an end :(
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