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Yea, deal with it Wade, that's what I do and all the rest of us are going to talk about you to. And wait until I tell everyone about the Christmas list you wrote to Santa
Ummmm silky?! I have seen comic photos with your "wife" and you have on those yellow underwear . My question to you, don't you get a wedge or something? Lol
Lol! Name some Marvel Anti Heroes or Villians and I will work on a character profile about them. If you Cosplay any Marvel Anti Hero or Villians from Marvel please do share! And tag @lavonyork so I can start another collection to our Anti Hero and Villian collection! Stay Frisky ♥ ♥ L A Von Dangerous Ms Deadpool Wilson ♥
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@MoisEsGaray oooh that's a good one
@MoisEsGaray lol I hacked Punisher before Deadpool even knew about it 😂😂😂 check my Marvel collection. 😂😂 Wade ♥ needs me more than I need him lol! Blade, Jessica Jones, Lady Punisher, Electra and a few others I hacked and he was not even ready for the Intel 😂😂
@LAVONYORK you're a very busy lady.
@SamTheMallow lol I have time to Vingle now since my doctor grounded me lol
@LAVONYORK how dare he ground you. I shall summon a hoard of banshee ' to torment him. lol