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I'm late to the EXO bias choosing... But I finally picked mine.. Park Chanyeol.. This incredible dork is the main reason I enjoy exo so much he's amazing.. I feel inlove with is voice.. DO WHO'S YOUR EXO BIAS?
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Park Chanyeol is not only my main Exo bias he's my 2nd Ultimate bias (Jiyongi is number 1) Chanyeol is seriously soo perfect!!!
I noticed you affliction for Jiyongie @Jiyongixoxo he is adorable.. Have you seen his V app broadcast?
@KpopQueenaBee yeah.....I'm Jiyong trash😂😂😂 but yeah I saw it!
It was a very enlightening experience to get to see GD shy side.. Cuz on stage he's a completely different person lol.. @Jiyongixoxo
@KpopQueenaBee I know but I love it because I'm the same way super shy especially when I meet new people but after I get used to someone forget it😂😂but yeah it's night and day with him I've witnessed it myself soundcheck he was somewhat calm when the show started...GD was a whole different person I love it