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I've heard a lot of people refer to their cats as their children, their babies, their kids, etc., but I don't think anyone has taken that joke further than this guy - a younger brother who went out of his way to troll his older sister's social media photos with her two kids by reenacting them with his cat.

So tender. Don't you think?

Okay, so this one isn't an exact recreation, but you have to appreciate his awkward kissy face.

Is he wearing a witch's hat?

The cat might not be crying in this picture, but don't worry. He probably is on the inside.

Yup, I think the cat's beginning to feel a little used.

Anyway, I know a lot of you like to make fun of your friends who post too many pictures of their kids on the internet, so I hope you enjoyed Cat Dad!

@alywoah I'll be sure to hunt him down and pass you his number. ;)
that soo cute! I love it! 馃槃
I want to date that guy
Cat Dad is my new hero!!!! He shows us guys with cats really can have it all :,)
Lol loved it I wanted to do that with my cat but he's too vicious sometimes and usually a Mr Grumpypants
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