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So I realized that most of my cards in the Korean Alphabet Series has nothing to do with K-Pop, yet I kept on posting it in the K-Pop community. I know that a lot of fans are willing to learn this language, but I thought it'll be more helpful I had a card introducing K-Pop band names/idol names with the letter. And it also wouldn't be a community violation. Good plan?
Let's start!

비원에이포 (B1A4)

Notice the "B" (ㅂ) in the first part of the name?
ㅂ+ㅣmakes "be". We'll go over the letter "ㅣ" in a later card. Link will be here.

비에이피 (B.A.P.)

Again, the "B" is in the first part of the name. Surprisingly, it's 비 again!

변백현 (Byun Baekhyun)

His name has two "b" 's: first in the Byun, and second in the Baek. Did you spot it?

빅뱅 (Big Bang)

Two "B" 's again! One in Big, and one in Baen. Did you spot them?

블락비 (Block B)

Wow, two b's again! (I'm getting a little creeped out...) One in Bul, and one in bee. Spot them?

배주현 (Bae Joohyun [Irene])

One b this time! A 'b' in "bae".

비투비 (BtoB)

Agh 2 b's again! Both b's are "bee".

배수지 (Bae Suji [Suzy])

A 'b' in "Bae".

박봄 (Park Bom)

2 B's: One in Park, and one in Bom.

방용국 (Bang Yongguk)

One b in Bang.

바로 (Baro)

One b in Ba!

방철용 (Bang Cheolyong [Mir])

One b in Bang!

권보아 (Kwon Boa)

A b in Bo!
And lastly but not least....

방탄소년단 (Bangtan Sonyeondan)

Spot the b by yourself!
Hoped you enjoyed it!
( Might have borrowed idea from @kpopandkimchi )