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I know you guys have seen this theory and you have it all wrong Well some of it The video is about them losing the other members but Sehuns part my friends is merely the greatest discovery ever! If you don't know what I'm talking about please stick around kids and I'll show you....
As you guys know Sehun encountered a whale and none of us knew what in the world it had to do with anything but....if we flashback to a few years ago a certain group of young boys located in South Park, Colorado rescued a poor whale from seaworld and sent him to the one place he was meant to be free.....it wasn't the sea Willzyx was a "space alien" so where did they send him? Space and of course the whale in the cartoon looked like shamu but in real life he would be a normal whale because I said so😂😂😂sooo we can all stop scratching our heads because our lovely maknae found Willzyx alive and well free as a bird in space😂😂😂
Who knew after all these years Sehun would find him😂😂😂 Long Live Willzyx!