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I'm gonna start doing these as from today but #15 is a bit hard coz i haven't got any peaceful music, I only listen to loud rock songs. Any suggestions for some 'non-boring' peaceful music?? N i'm gonna add some more things to this list: 21. Take some time to write in your journal! (I use the diaro app) 22. Draw, paint or write a story on wattpad-just show your creativity! (I use the sketch app to draw. Do not waste paper n paint :P) 23. Do 5 mins+ of exercises everyday! (I use the sworkit app, it has got so many exercises, yoga & stretches) 24. Spend at least 10 mins on the vine app! (Viners u must follow: Anwar Jibabwi, rudy mancuso, dan nampaikid, kingbach... believe me it'll change your mood in seconds) N if u really want to adopt new habits n keep track of them, then the fabulous app is for u!! But i don't think it's available in all country. I finally got time to write a 'full civilized' card XD!! Just hope it's not my first n last time lol!

Add in the comments if u think something is missing on the list n if u've got better app recommendations!

great card!! my peaceful music suggestions: Daphnis et Chloe by Maurice Ravel it's stunning! !!!!!!!
Great card!! Thanks for the tag. The kind of soothing music I listen to is gospel,R and B ,orchestral music,etc. Don't know if those are your style
Hi, @humairaa. :) I use Spotify a lot. If you go to browse, they have several sections with amazing music for relaxing: stress relief, relax & unwind, chill.out.brain, and the mood section. I also use an app called Relax Melodies. It's free on the App Store. It allows you to build up the exact sounds that you want to hear: ocean waves, wind chimes, flutes, pianos, etc. There are quite a few options to choose from, too. You can add or take out as many sounds as you want depending on your mood and save them as playlists. You can put timers in them and everything. I use the app a lot and really love it! It never gets boring because I can change the music to suit my mood. I definitely recommend yoga if you're not already doing it. Tai chi, too. If you want a little more physicality, try a kick boxing class or buy a punching bag. (The punching bag helps with mood swings, too, I've found. I love it. It's also great for the arms.) Oh, and Rudy Mancuso! 馃挏馃憣馃徎 Isn't he great?
Philip Glass and Arvo Part are good too, though they can be on the melancholy side.
@humairaa Try Bernard Fanning as a compromise between rock and calm... try this one...I won't be offended if you hate it
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