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I'm gonna start doing these as from today but #15 is a bit hard coz i haven't got any peaceful music, I only listen to loud rock songs. Any suggestions for some 'non-boring' peaceful music?? N i'm gonna add some more things to this list: 21. Take some time to write in your journal! (I use the diaro app) 22. Draw, paint or write a story on wattpad-just show your creativity! (I use the sketch app to draw. Do not waste paper n paint :P) 23. Do 5 mins+ of exercises everyday! (I use the sworkit app, it has got so many exercises, yoga & stretches) 24. Spend at least 10 mins on the vine app! (Viners u must follow: Anwar Jibabwi, rudy mancuso, dan nampaikid, kingbach... believe me it'll change your mood in seconds) N if u really want to adopt new habits n keep track of them, then the fabulous app is for u!! But i don't think it's available in all country. I finally got time to write a 'full civilized' card XD!! Just hope it's not my first n last time lol!

Add in the comments if u think something is missing on the list n if u've got better app recommendations!

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@nicolejb lol thanks for appreciating my civilized card馃樃
@humairaa Have you listened to HYUKOH before? I listen to their albums when I was something relaxing to listen to in the realm of Korean music. The lead singer's voice is really soothing.
Of course @humairaa feel free to tag me when you do more! :D
@danidee i've heard of it but haven't checked their albums
They're sort of mellow. I like to play them when I need some background music while I clean my room or take a walk to the bus stop.