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Hello sports fans!

By now, I am sure most of you guys have seen my [CHALLENGE] cards and my [LIVE] cards! If you still haven't, check out some examples here ----> [CHALLENGE] Packers vs Lions and [LIVE] Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lions.

Well, I have a few announcements concerning these cards!

This is my newest collection!

Vingle SportsCenter!

I will have my challenge and live discussion cards posted to this collection. It will be our own SportsCenter where we make predictions and do our live discussion. Thanks to all the regular participants!

When you get a chance, please follow the collection for regular updates!

Follow collection here -------> Vingle SportsCenter

I will still keep my VSPN (Vinlge Sports Programming Network) collection as well!

This collection will be dedicated for sports news, highlights, and hot topics! So if you still haven't followed it, please follow this one as well!
Follow collection here -------> VSPN (Vingle Sports Programming Network)
One last thing!

Let's find out who the Billy Beane (aka Brad Pitt) of VingleSports is!

We've had eight challenges so far in basketball + football, and the Vingler with the best analytical skills + ability to predict the future is....

Congrats @KyleBerke!

KyleBerke is in the lead with successfully predicting the outcome of five challenges correctly! You are currently the Billy Beane (or Brad Pitt, whatever floats your boat) of VingleSports!

Well, I guess we can give some love to our Peter Brands of Vingle as well!

In second place, we have @jeff4122 with four successful challenges completed and in third place, we have @gatorchick96 with three!

Great job so far guys!

That's it for me today!

Hope to see and talk with you guys more often! It's always great to chill with my sports peeps on Vingle and...

I just want to thank you guys for everything!

This card is dedicated to you all!
Thank you! Make sure to follow all the collections as well!
@BEAUTYgirlARIEL Thank you! Let's chill more often!
yes Yes YES!!! Lol This is awesome @mchlyang I look foward to future matches
@mchlyang sounds good!!
This is awesome @mchlyang!! I haven't been on for awhile so this is Great!!!