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In this video, it would explain you how the Aurora phenomenon happen. In other to see this phenomenon, you have to travel to those countries in far northern or southern hemisphere. These are one of those countries : Alaska (US), Canada, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland :) When? it only happens in winter time start from October (for Iceland) for Scandinavian, it would around late Xmas:) If you come to country in winter time, there is no night for you to see the Aurora :) The sky has to be really clear, no cloudy, no windy, and not in full moon. :) The last requirement: LUCK! That is all you need. I live in Finland for 4,5 years. I have not ever seen this phenomenon.
@alise : yah it was really nice city ! I love it there. but i cannot see the northern light when i was there thought :)
@sofiamuller758 hehe welcome welcome :) I love german beer alot !! One of the best beer i ever try :)
really ! It is a nice city isnt it ??! hope that you enjoyed it there :)
if you have anyroom for European then let me in !! I am from German :) I always want to go to Scandinavian to see the Northen light :) . only been to Denmark but really hard tk see j frkn there
@nollakolla haha no wayyy !! You are from Finland?! Which part man ??!
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