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Are you guys enjoying the story so far? I hope so So this part will be about meeting your love ooohhh... he he. Remember this is my story, you guys can put your sexy love into the story. Let's go!!! My Lover: Kwon Jiyong
Class is quiet. So music it is!! Thank God for Kpop. Studying is more easier now. 30 minutes later..... TAP TAP TAP... I turned to the person who tapped my shoulder. which is odd because no one don't like to sit next to me. "ye..." It's Him! Oohh my... it's the guy from the cafeteria. "Hello, my name is Kwon Jiyong" he softy speaks. That Smile... "Hello.. I..I'm ____" Aaisshh!! Why I'm so nervous? I never felt this way. "You OK?" Jiyong said. "Yes. Just, no one sits next to me." "Why is that?" He asked. "Most people say I'm to mean or scary" I laughed a little. He laughed also. Jiyong started staring at me. I also can't keep my eyes of f of him. Then, I quickly turned to my paper. All of a sudden, he grabs my hands and turn my seat towards him. I froze, and did nothing. I just follow his lead. He stood up and pulled me out of the classroom. The teacher didn't mind , he kept going with his lecture. Jiyong pulled me into an empty classroom. He quickly locks the door. It's just me and him. He is walking towards me and I'm backing up till my back felt the wall. DAMN IT! What's going on. Why I can't stop this!!! He put his hands on the wall and lean forward to me. Jiyong move closer to me, to the point I can smell his strong sweet cologne. I can even feel his body heat. I feel hot! "I feel comfortable with you" Jiyong said. WAIT...WHAT!!! Im frozen, I can't even speak. the words won't even come out. "I want to know more about you" He whisper, as I felt his breath behind my ear. "Wh..why.." I'm frozen . I can't breath. Everything is going blurry. UGH!! Why is so hot?! "Something from you is telling me to stay beside you" Jiyong smiled. " I want you.... I don't know why I'm acting like this, I'm mostly shy and quiet. But you.. you awaken a side of me that I never felt before, and I want to express it with you." "Jiyo..."
That smile. Those eyes. Love his hair. He can look so sexy and cute at the same time... ohh man. The lord is testing me, huh?! But my mind is going crazy. Out of nowhere, Jiyong kissed me. Deep enough to hypnotize me. His lips so soft. His right hand grabs my head and deepened the kiss. Then, his left hand touch my back. Bringing chills down to my spine, then he pulled me into his body. The heat. I can't think straight. All I want is more. He broke the kiss softly, and just looked straight to my eyes. "Can I stay beside you?" Jiyong said. "Sta... stay beside me." I dont know what i said, but i felt confident. "I'll stay , Beautiful." Jiyong said with a smile, that melt me into seconds. He hugs me tight... "You feel warm" he said. Then he kissed me again, this time is more softer. I put my arms around his neck. My fingers going through his hot red hair. He moaned .. Then he quickly picked me up and he put my legs around him as my back leans the wall. Our kiss deepens.. I'm not this type of girl to take everything this fast. But with him, I can't control myself. Slowly, he took my sweater off. Then I felt his hot breath on my neck. I've noticed that I'm just with my tank top. Didn't noticed that he took my shirt off. His fingertips started touching my bare skin. Shivers are going down to my body. My body is heating up. I can't seem to have control anymore. "I give up!!!" I whisper. Not knowing I said it out loud, thinking I said it in MY mind. That's when Jiyong took real control out of me. His hands grabs both of my cheeks and lean forwards to my lips. The kiss became passionate. He then slowly kiss my left cheek and right cheek. Then down to my chin. His left hand lift my chin up, I follow his command. He softly and slowly kiss my neck. Going left and right, then to the middle. My body is burning!! Then he stops and looked at me with deep sexy, passionate and serious eyes. "I want you, now!" He plead. I don't even bother to think twice.. "Take .. me.." I said breathless That night was the best out of my life.

5 Months Later.....

Kwon Jiyong and I been dating for five months. The best five months in my life. He made my mind twirl, stomach twist and my heart skip a best. A very passionate man. Our life was perfect... UNTIL.... I met Him! To Be Continue......

If you missed part 1.. here's the link: if you missed part 2: hope you guys are ready for part 3. @DeniseiaGardner

OMG lol..... you better stop lol R rated....can hardly wait for what happens next...
@BBxGD Oh its alright.Well I can't wait for the story your working on❤❤👍👍
@yaya12 I kind a stop writing this story lol.. but I will soon have to pick up the story. but I'm actually working on a bigger story. check it out. sorry
She better stay with Jiyong😭😭❤❤I'm scared what is going to happen next in the story😳❤❤❤
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