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Ok so I'm not an EXO fan but ever since they're new music video dropped I've been seeing shit about how they copied Bangtan. Really people? Because you know, artists can't have similar ideas. "It's about the same whale in Whalien 52. So when's RapMon gonna sue SM?" Yes. RapMon should sue a company that has a group do a song about a whale that has been talked about for years (since 1989 people) just because they JUST SO HAPPEN to be released around the same time. "There's fighting just like in Run." Because Bangtan were the first to incorporate fighting in their music video. What about Be The Light by Block B? U-Kwon is getting the shit beat out of him so does that mean Bangtan copied Block B? No, you ignorant asshole FIGHTING IS A COMMON THING IN MUSIC VIDEOS "Oh the scene where they fall on the snow is just like the scene where Hobie and Jimin fall in feathers." Because they can't use that as an artistic shot at all huh? It's pretty bad if someone who is a fan of only one of the bands has to point out how fucking stupid all this fighting shit is. When I first got into Kpop I had thought "oh cool it's one big family of people who get along because we like the same things" Nope. It's just like any other fandom. You just have to shit all over the other fandom because of something REMOTELY CLOSE to yours. Knock it the fuck off and get some common sense. Leave both groups alone. Grow up and enjoy their music.
On a less pissed off note, the only song I've ever heard from EXO is Call Me Baby.
@MaeLyn It happens. I find myself annoyed with quite a lot of things that pop up in the Kpop fandom. Perhaps it's my age or the fact that I've worked with so many musicians that I have long since gotten over fangirling and whatnot. I just think there are a few too many youngins out there that haven't quite reached the point of maturity to fully understand how the industry works and that the idols that we love so much are, in fact, human after all. They are much to ready to pull the trigger on anything they think 'threatens' the object of their affection. In the long run, it actually makes life a lot harder and stressful for the idols. I would certainly never want to be a Korean idol. If American celebrities think they have it bad with the paparazzi, I could only imagine the struggle the idols face every time the walk outside to maintain their image of perfection that's expected of them. I ended up ranting.... So sorry. It's past my bedtime
@JenniCinneman @Jiyongixoxo yes you both get it. The amount of time it takes to make a music video is something I wanted to add but got too pissed to remember
Might I also point out the fact that it takes MONTHS to film, edit, and produce a music video. There is no way they could have copied since they basically would have been working on it at the same time. One cannot simply whip up a music video of that quality (cgi and all) in less than a month. It's simply a coincidence that they happen to seem similar in content. (I will admit that one of my first thoughts was how similar the videos are, but with my degree in music production, I am well aware of the time frame it takes to produce such things. The Kpop genre is currently trending in more emotional videos lately, so it makes sense that EXO would pump out a video to hit fans in the feels just as BTS has done. The similar scenes just happen to be cliches for such.)
I am not interested in EXO at all but these are some great points.
Exo was my first Kpop group and I love Bts and in no way are they copying one another Kpop a lot of groups go through similar concepts it's perfectly normal I think it's stupid when people get butt hurt like get over yourself it's not like they copied the lyrics to Run word for word and just changed the video like seriously