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Darn right he is !!!! Jongup is one of my TOP biases and Im so happy he was mentioned. I love this man so much words cant nearly describe how much I admire and love his way of being he is perfect to me
He can be so HOT and sexy!
yet also shy and sweet!
Sophisticated ✨
Just love him so much ❀❀❀ our moon angel
I just saw this too!!! I was soo happy I was like yes Jong up is #5 and I was extremely happy that Tao was on there and Jackson and one of my fave actors......but my only question was where is GD on this list? Lol I can't complain though because GD got on the 10 hottest people in the world , GQ's hot 100 men , Esquires legendary men soo he's winning in life already
Yes my Junguppie is slaying :) I am glad he is getting more recognition, he deserves it! @KellyOConnor Thanks for tagging me
thats my baby im so glad people recognize his beauty