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Today's battle will be pitting Gon from Hunter x Hunter and Hibana from Deadman Wonderland against eachother! First let's take a look over these young opponents' abilities!


Basic Traits:
• Enhance Type Nen User – This means his basic abilities are amplified greatly when using his aura
• Ability to hide himself from the enemy for days
• Highly Advanced Sense of Smell – Great for tracking, superior to a dog
• Enhanced Sight – Great for tracking and moving/fighting in the dark
• Enhanced Taste – Can taste poisons and things thought to be tasteless
• Enhanced Inhuman Strength
• Enhanced Speed and Reflexes – Avoid attacks and can create afterimages
• Enhanced Agility – Fast counters and can attack from nearly any position
• Enhanced Stamina – Nearly impossible to tire him out
• Enhanced Durability – Extremely difficult to cause harm to him
• Enhanced Endurance – Able to withstand huge amounts of injuries and still be able to win a fight
• Enhanced Adaptability – Unaffected by low oxygen levels or temperature
• Poison Resistence
• Healing Factor – Injuries heal in a fraction of the time it should take
• Keen Intellect – Thinks outside the box, instinct and confidence to follow through
• Proficient Strategist – Can plan out whole battles and anticipate enemy moves and counters
• Hand to Hand Combat / Weapons Specialist
Special Moves:
• Jajanken – 3 moves using his hatsu
o Rock – Devastating close range attack using his fist and energy o Paper – Weakest attack, long range emitting of energy from the palm o Scissors – Mid range attack, transmuted blades of energy from middle and index fingers
• Limitation Trandformation – Can transform into an older version of himself and over power most enemies no matter who they are
• Fishing Rod – Blunt object or whip, can grab things from a great distance


Basic Traits:
• Enhanced Strength – Can wield an extremely heavy sword that is larger than she is
• Enhanced Stamina
• Enhanced Endurance – Can withstand great amounts of pain and torture
• Sociopath who uses torture and commits murder without guilt
• Sword Specialist
Special Moves:
• Striking with her massive sword using great precision
• Sword/Whip Hybrid – Very large and heavy sword, consists of multiple parts connected by metal wire which can stretch to give her a wider range of attack, Wire embedded with Worm Eater to nullify a deadman’s branch of sin
Alright everyone let me know who you think is going to win this battle!
Voting closes at Midnight (CST) so get your votes in!
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closed - Gon Wins
2 years ago·Reply
gon hands down. as soon as Gon would hit hanaba she would freak out
2 years ago·Reply
gon hands down
2 years ago·Reply
Hibana is just Psycho
2 years ago·Reply
2 years ago·Reply