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I recently found this app and was hooked to it since then.
Blinkist provides key insights into 1000s of non-fiction books out there. Its like reading a book in 20 mins.
We all know the benefits of reading.Many of us wants to read evryday, but the 'to-read' list keeps piling up day after day, due to our tight schedules.We are missing out on so much knowledge. I am a slow reader, i take forever to complete a book. Mainly due to passive daydreaming, mind wandering,regression (things i found out from the book '10 days to faster reading' on Blinklist itself! ). It would take me 3 births atleast to complete all the books i want to read.
This berlin based startup came as a blessing. Aimed at people who are time-poor and knowledge-hungry, they provide summaries of non-fiction books in ‘blinks’.
These blinks are not created by an algorithm, but by real writers after carefully reading the material. Currently available in both web and mobile versions.
I have read more than 10 books in 5 days since i purchased the subscription. And i know from those 'blinks', which book i need to buy for a full read, I can skip the rest knowing i have already absorbed the key messages from those books.
I finish atleast 1 blink on my way to office and 1 way back.Commuting has never been so enlightening.
When you sign up it comes with a 3 day free trail with access to unlimited books.
Once the trial finishes, you can continue to enjoy one free blink a day.
For complete access to all books, the subscription costs $49.99 yearly for the Plus version which lacks only Audio support and ability to sync with Evernote or send to Kindle. The full fledged premium version comes at $ 79.99.
Although i agree this can never replace the thrill and joy of reading the book, it certainly is a great way to catch up on the vast knowledge out there.
I feel i got my worth by buying the plus subscription with a 50 % discount code.
To try it out for 2 weeks free use below link to register:
Blink away.
Blinkist lives upto its slogan: Serving curious minds.
This is awesome!!! I'm also a time poor slow reader and love finding and trying new apps!!! I'm gonna download and check it out thanks for suggestion!
Yes it's free and it goes along with Amazon so if you have an amazon premium account then you get a bunch of free books! @VarunNambiar
@nicolejb Is audible free? Blinkist has audios fr each book too.. but in premium version
I love reading so this is awesome! I will say though I've been really into audiobooks so Audible is my current fav app for books!