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yes I know. their style is impeccable. so creative. the place where Kermit the frog is, is just perfect. the scarf used as a belt was golden, I would of never thought of that. these are the most beautiful outfits I have seen in so long.

haha. I love my boys so much.!!! I have to make fun of them. I love them too much for my own good. haha.

my poor boys must be so tired and yet they put this beautiful masterpiece up for us.

we finally got to see their dorm too.!!! haha.

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you got it! :) @Nikkitty
@YeseniaLira thank yoooou!!
no problem.! :) @Nikkitty
I love yongguk's sandals 😂
😂😂😂😂 did you see Zelo's pointed toe?? @daljiyong