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Move over, Febreeze! There's a new deodorizer in town, and it's making everything smell like the top of a cat's head.

Yes, apparently, the tops of cats' heads have smelled amazing this entire time, and the first to cash in on this discovery is Japanese fragrance company, Yamamoto Perfumery. For 1,200 yen (or, approximately, $10 USD), you can purchase their Mohu Mohu Odeko fabric spray and have everything smell just as delightful as your favorite feline.

Customers who have tried it thus far have compared its fragrance to anything from sunshine to baked bread, but is that enough to convince you to make the same purchase? And is this whole thing about cat heads true?

Let me know in the comments below! And for more weird products you didn't know you wanted until you logged on today, follow my SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY collection!
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wtf cats have no distinct odor cause they self clean... the only thing that smells bad is their litter... if a cat smells then it is either sick and has stopped licking itself clean or has gotten into something smelly like garbage... cats dont smell.... i have one... he mostly smells like my perfume after i hug him but even that is temporary... i bathe him every so often to reduce allergens from dander and stuff and i use a baby scented shampoo and even that only lasts like a day or two because he licks himself like cats normally do....
cats don't have a smell though....馃槙
@NiahriTaylor I wonder if this smells like clean kitty litter then lol. I
@AlloBaber @BluBear07 Have you sniffed many-a-cat?