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Coming out on 5/20. More than 1 month wait. Let's discuss what you think will happen here. I will be busy next month but I will try to post the summary if there are many people who want to read my summary. I can see more than thousands of people read my summary but only about 10 who actually commented. This made me really sad. The reason I started to do chapter summary was because I wanted to meet GA fans and discuss about the series. If you want to support me then comment and let me know your opinions about the next chapter.
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! even though i can't read chinese i could just imagine what they're saying :));s=1 Gakuen alice chapter 178 raw got this from ->Gakuen Alice<- in facebook
I think I might know what's going to happen, or I'm hoping for to happen. You guys saw that guy who erased Mikan's memories right? Well, I don't know about you guys, but his hair seemed very familiar to me. Who has raven hair like him? Natsume! SO I'm thinking that he is from the future from when Mikan can't retrieve her memories and has lost them forever. So, he travelled back and erased part of Mikan's memories but not all of them. So that they would have a chance of retrieving them back.So, Mikan goes back to living with her Gramps and after a year or so he knows he's getting old so he and Mikan move to live with his closest relative, which I'm hoping to be very rich and lives in England or America. Later on, he passes away and she lives with his relative who is a mass producer in the music industry and you guys know how she loves to sing, well after having tutoring from professionals she becomes a top idol. And then they skip to when she is in High School, where she is 15.And then she visits Japan for one of her tours, where Alice Academy's high schoolers are having a trip to the outside world and to a famous spring in Japan. Hotaru, Natsume, Ruka, other friends want to have some fun so they go out and they go to the mall and do fun stuff where Sumaru scored a ticket to this concert ,where they don't know the singer, because she thought it would be fun. To their surprise, the singer looked very familiar to them and Hotaru thinks that the voice of the singer is very familiar. And then the drama starts.
i think that mikan might have another alice ...just like yuka
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