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Well folks...

Happy New Year!

To start the year off right, here are some great sports photos from all around the world by photographer, Bob Martin. To check out the original article, check this link out ----> Incredible Sports Photos From Around the World.
“I noticed that whenever Usain Bolt was going for a record, as he crossed the line he would look straight at the timing clock. So I started sitting down right next to it. This is when he broke the world record in the 200-meter final in Beijing, and it appears that he’s looking directly at me.”
Xavi Torres: “I saw him start to take his large prosthetic legs off and put them next to his chair and I realized it would make a great picture. But I was half a pool length away. … I didn’t quite make it in time for the start, but luckily for me there was a false start so they had to get out and line up again, which is when I got the shot.”
Serena Williams: “The French Open has amazing positions for photographers, and this shot was taken from one near where the television commentators are stationed. The clay looks simply wonderful.”
Tough Guy Challenge, U.K.: “Pictorially, this is one of the best events I have ever photographed. At one point the competitors had to swim under an obstacle made of logs, and as soon as they came up they would shake their heads to get rid of the mud and water from their faces. I got hundreds of great shots, but this one is the best.”
Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games, United States Bobsled: “I had to crawl under the bob track to get this picture, trying to find a nice, contrasting background on a dull, gray day. Then it started to snow, and, with a big telephoto lens picking up the flakes in the foreground, it just all came together."
Champions Hurdle, Cheltenham: “I never used to take pictures of hurdle races until I realized just how much debris is thrown into the air when the horses jump. This shot—taken from a remote camera in 2011—is a real ‘in the heart of it’ picture which I am very proud of. It won ‘Sports Picture of the Year’ in America.”
IAAF World Athletic Final, Monaco: “I shot this from one of the lighting pods in the roof of the stadium. I’d watched the shadows the day before and knew exactly where I had to be to get the shot. The hard part was the negotiation to get up there.”
“Chinese coach at the Beijing National Aquatics Centre begins a training session by dangling young divers by their feet and dropping them into the pool from the 10-meter diving board. We were horrified, but the kids were loving every minute!”
“During the deciding Test Match of the series between India and Pakistan. I spent a number of days looking for street scenes. This tea room was quite daunting to enter, but strangely calm considering how much this match meant to the spectators.”
Members' Reception, Wimbledon, 2008: “This was the first time anyone has ever been given this access to shoot stills. As Rafa came to the bottom of the stairs he heard the crowd cheering through the main entrance of Centre Court and turned, meaning I was able to get a frame that included both players' faces.”
“Before the Turin Olympics there was a lot of controversy about the use of floodlights, which had basically been brought in to bring the event times into line with American time zones for television. The photographers were very worried about the lack of light, but it made for some really interesting, contrasting pictures—especially at sunset on one foggy evening for the ski jump.”
World Swimming Championships in Barcelona: “When the TV people on the edge of the pool were interviewing competitors who had been knocked out of the synchronized swimming competition, they switched on their interview lights, which illuminated the water droplets in the air for this picture. Luckily the best teams went last so when the Russian team came on to win, it all came together.”

Happy New Year sports fans and I wish you all good luck in 2016!

@alohadaine Haha yeah....wish we had known each other before the new year started!
@mchlyang right. Haha. I think we can become good friends. The most inspiring was no legged swimmer. That's motivation right there. And the Chinese young divers is scary.
This is amazing 💖