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I introduced J.K. Meshi quite a while back, but it got pushed aside while I watched other shows, got busy with outside life, and all that. But I'm back to it now! This show might have been ranked 60/60, but people clearly can't appreciate the beauty of this low-budget masterpiece....

If you're looking for a quick history lesson, and some ideas of what to cook for dinner, look no further!

You can learn how to cook all of these dishes in the first 10 episodes:

Tomato miso soup, mackerel rice, potato salad, shrimp gratin, cup noodles, octopus balls, egg custard, and the best thing of all....CANDY RICE!

And, you can learn about a TON of different history topics!

Like the French Revolution, Neanderthals, what's in the air, geography, some movie terminologies, the samurai period, and so much more!

So if you want a really strange history lesson + some cooking lessons, this is the anime for you!