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Dear Santa Claus,

It's Dani. You remember me, right? I was the loud little girl from New Jersey who kept last-minute getting off the Naughty List just in time for Christmas Eve.
It's Christmas yet again, and I'm basically an adult now, but I can't stop thinking back on all the Christmases that have passed. So many presents opened, and while most of them were truly fantastic, there's still toys I distinctly remember asking for during the years that never ended up under my Christmas tree.

Shall we pay them a revisit?

1990: Teddy Ruxpin

Back in the late 80s/early 90s, I feel like every kid I knew had a Teddy Ruxpin except me. Granted, most of them broke within six months, but I want a talking bear too, dammit.

1991: The Sega Game Gear

Do you know what's more annoying than consoles that only allow two players? When everyone except you is playing 'Sonic the Hedgehog' on their handheld ones.

1992: 2-XL ("The Talking Robot With A Mind Of His Own")

I realize now that he was essentially a glorified cassette player, but 2-XL was also the closest any kid who watched 'Short Circuit' would get to owning their very own Johnny Five.

1993: The Talkboy

Every kid in school was obsessed with the 'Home Alone' movies, and when Tiger finally made a REAL Talkboy that we were able to use ourselves, it was a serious MUST-HAVE.

1994: Doctor Dreadful's Food Lab

Do you know what's more badass than using an Easy Bake Oven? Using Doctor Dreadful's Food Lab to make edible monster skin and mushy fruit-flavored brains. Um, bye, cupcakes.

1995: Tamagotchi

Tamagotchis were one of those things I had to watch my friends feed and clean up after, but I never had one of my own. I didn't even have a Nano Baby. OR a Giga Pet. What gives?!

I know I sound like a Veruca Salt, but I promise I'm not a bad egg! Just, you know, reconsider - okay, Santa?

Signed, Me
yes to all, and easy bake oven
if I can receive a retro toy for xmas,I would pick Sega Game Gear because those were awesome like Gameboys back in my child hood. now that's oldshcool!! and talk boy brings back memories too!! lol I love the talk boy,it pick up everything clear when I use to have one years ago when I was an early teen!! I bought a couple at a thrift store locally in my hometown
@RobertMarsh RUB IT IN!!!!
This is a sweet card @danidee....I like it
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