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They yell and they scream While I sit here waiting for it to end So I can run and lock myself in my room again. They say they love me, say that they're on my side. Tell me this, how can you be on my side when you're the ones causing me misery? Father, mother, please just stop. stop with the yelling, the screaming, and most importantly the arguing. They yell and they scream, My words passing by, They don't want to listen, They don't want to realize That they're the reason I'm like this.


I'm a fifteen year old whose diagnosed with Anxiety, Chronic Depression, and PTSD. The first things my parents said was that they were on my side. Yet, now that it's been months, I've realized that isn't necessarily true. They continue to do the things they did before they knew any of this. Continue to beat me down, to yell at me and blame me for things that i have no control over. So, here's a short and badly written poem.