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hello friends! this is the first of my collection and hopefully you guys enjoy it! since I live here (for now) I have learned so many things ! some I'm not used to and most I learned the hard way. I don't live in Seoul so it's pretty cool because I don't get the tourist treatment and get to see the "Real" Korea.
If you come to korea, don't forget to use a knife and fork to eat a burger (amongst things) i've been missing American food so i decided to go to this burger place and it was so good! but... no one here uses the best technique I know to eat burgers!! my lovely hands! ( a picture of the place I went to a the burger I tried to eat with fork and knife ) lol while some people are used to eating burgers this way back home, I have never eaten a burger with fork and knife till I came here.
while not "everyone" eats it this way here, most of the people do and they expect the same from you. (chop sticks are used for all other food like traditional food, rice etc) I must look uneducated to them lol
it's actually really hard! while I use these utensils everyday to eat my food i still can't get used to eating things like ( burgers, tacos, sandwich, and pizza) this way!
can I just use my hands for everything? please follow the collection! I want to share more about all the crazy things I've been thru here lol or let me know if you want to be tagged!
omg this is so funny but also really good to know!! where in korea are you living?! thats sooo awesome!!!
@Ticasensei ok thank you !!! Do you mind if I sometimes message you on here and ask about life in Korea ? I want to move to Korea as well
@bryyyaanna yes.. omg I have been busy making kpop cards . Will update soon and tag =)
Can I be tagged ?
@humairaa haha.. I know! they are beast here
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