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After talking about getting back to watching Plastic Memories, I decided to watch the rest in one big go.....and that, my friends, was a mistake.....my emotions....my feeeeelinnngggsss.....
I won't write anything out about how I felt, but spoiler warning, because I'm about to drag us all back through the beauty & pain that was this series. Here we....gooooo.....
(Again, spoiler warning....)


Maybe I'll write a real review of this show one day, but the would is still just to fresh right now to even THINK about expressing everything I've felt about this anime...
i cant wait for the second season so i can cry some more
When I finished the series I was literally crying through most of the last episode and had to pause so I could dry my eyes enough to continue.
I watching it and it's heat breaking .....
Made the mistake of listening to "Again and Again" (the song that plays in the ferris wheel) while looking through this. Everything came flooding back. It was pleasant but heartbreaking and I'll never forget this series
It's called plastic memories. I haven't seen it yet but I want to now thx to this card
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