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Airs on 15nd, 10pm (Korean Time) *Gu Family Medical Book Ep.4 :http://www.vingle.net/posts/127288-Gu-Family-Medical-Book-Korean-Drama-Ep-4-LIVE-Recap Finally, SH gives a birth to a baby boy, but she tries to kill him, thinking he would be a beast. At the moment, she finds he's not a beast but a cute baby. So SH changes her mind and throws it away to river. A high-class man finds the baby and decided to raise him. SJ thinks WR cameback and goes to the cave, then he finds SH gave birth. He shows a knife to SH. "I gave this to WR. He could survive if he killed u with this. But he didn't do it cuz he loved you. Now you have this for evidence of WR's love.", he says. SH is killed while trying to kill KW. Before she dies, she asks SJ to raise her son like common human being. While nobleman are having a party, a man finds SH's son. At the moment SJ comes and says, "This boy is a boy with luck. If you raise him until 20s without taking off this bracelet from his arm, you will success watever you do." In the end, he decides to raise him. A man is talking the story to children on street. "So thanks to the boy, he became rich. In his house, it's filled with treasure and many foreigners visit him. Many thieves tried to steal his property, but no one succeeded it. Mr.Park would rather helped him than punishing. So all ppl came to praise him." In the meanwhile, a group of man gets angry cuz Kang Chi beat them. Kang Chi visits Cheong Jo's room and is talking with her. At the moment, Cheong Jo's mom comes to her and KC hides. KC gets angry of the man's bad manners. "If ppl comes here and behaves badly, they are killed by me." But the guys still swear to KC and asks money. Instead, KC suggests a deal. "If you guys drag me next to this broom, I will give you double of the price." While ppl are chasing him, Mr.Park stops them. He gives money to them and solves the pro. "Why did you beat them? When you do that, you have two reasons. When ppl beat the weak or when ppl harm our family. It's not big pro that you had struggle with them, but you should be responsible for ur behavior. Regret of ur wrongdoings here for a while." Mr.Park's wife got angry of today KC's behavior. She doesn't like him. Mr.Park is remembering when he brought KC to his home for the first time. At the moment he put the bracelet on KC's arm, all his works went good. In the meanwhile, Cheong Jo bring an apple for KC. "You can't stop my marriage even if you behave like today. If I can help my family's business by getting married, I can do anything.", she says. KC insists,"I can do that instead of you. What is your true heart apart from all the business and politics?" CJ kisses him to express her heart. CJ's mom watches it and decides to kick off KC. Yeo Wool asks SJ about her lover. SJ waches her hands for prediction and warns "You can find ur lover soon but you'd better avoid it. Peach tree under crescent moon is against you. You should avoid a person who met there." At that night, Tae Seo goes to check if KC is doing well but he's gone somewhere. KC goes to meet CJ but actually, CJ's mom called him. In the meanwhile, Mr.Park comes to know business man are being killed by a stranger. The stranger is killing business man in order, and now it's Mr.Park's turn. CJ's wife orders KC to leave but he rejects it. Ppl chases him and Yeo Wool helps KC. While running away with her, KC misunderstands her as Cheong Jo. "Don't worry. I will protect you." Then KC loses his sense. Yeo Wool finds crescent moon on peach tree. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KC finally finds his own lover, YW~>< But SJ warned YW not to meet a person under peach tree with crescent moonㅠㅜ I worry if their story would be sad :( Plz I wish they would be perfect couple..! What you guys think? Are they gonna be happy? Comment me! :D